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Green Leaves

Health & Lifestyle Guidance 

This is a 6 month program where we meet twice a month for 60 minutes. Spots are limited. 

SomatoEmotional Release® 

This session is an extension of the CranioSacral Therapy session where we meet the tension in the body using imagery and dialogue to release whatever mental, emotional, traumatic experience was being held there for overall healing and optimal function. This is done laying down on the table, full clothed. 

Guided Breathwork Sessions

One of the most important elements that maintains life, is breath. And even though we are breathing all the time automatically, the quality of how we breathe can affect the quality of our lives without even knowing it. Increasing the quality of our breath, how we breathe, can shift our world. In these sessions we will work with expanding your capacity to take fuller breaths, to use breathwork to support you in daily life situations, decrease pain, breathe better, think better, feel better, and experience the bliss of life. We will use a combination of ancient and modern breath techniques to enhance your breathing capacity.

Yoga, Embodied Movement & Meditation

Take some time to dive deep into the felt sense of Being totally Embodied in your Self.  Feel more connected to yourself, and to life, gain a better ability to regulate your nervous system, and impulses through these practices.


Heart Based Relating

In collaboration with Integrative Alchemy, we work as a couple to help couples (and polyamorous groups) to refine their ability to meaningfully present with each other, to develop tools for compassion, and communication, and to deepen Touch Literacy and intimacy within relationships.

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